Companhia de Teatro Os Quatro Ventos

Santo Tirso
Rua Sacadura Cabral, 118, 4780-422 Santo Tirso

In 2005 the theatre company “Companhia de Teatro Os Quatro Ventos” (CT4V) appears in Santo Tirso’s cultural scene with a very clear mission: the promotion of culture, through theatrical productions and actors training. CT4V was made up of people from various areas of artistic action with a desire to make theatre in an industrial city that doesn’t have a space dedicated to this art form since the closing of its Cine-Theatre in 1991 - an architectural skeleton in the heart of the city for the last 30 years. Pedro Ribeiro enters in 2007 as artistic director and injects professionalism, continuous training, organized production, cementing over the years the foundations of a strong community project. The dedication has always been recognized by the Municipality, which commissions new creations, from unformal and site-specific to formal and educational. In search of artistic identity, CT4V experimented and grew. Producing educational events and touring performances to parishes council rooms, fire stations, schools, churches, gardens, garages, warehouses, clubs, restaurants, libraries, factories, and through associates fees, box office revenue, fundraising, and touring, paid the professionals that contracted and guaranteed the professionalization of its members in a healthy evolution among professionals, amateurs and semi-professionals. In 2016, in order to continue to produce shows hiring professional artists (which required constant financial support - private or public) and to find performance and archive spaces - this experimentation platform became a nonprofit organization: “Espiral de Enredos”. Since then has annual contracts with the Municipality and gains incentive to respond to more emergent artists and to the community’s desire to attend more new productions and revivals. CT4V thus becomes an employer, serving as a stage for recent graduates and professionals in the performative realm. It is a repertoire company specialized in “pushing” Portuguese dramaturgy into the 21st century and in engaging younger audiences.

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